Crafting in the Woods

Soy Candles-Burn Cleaner, Longer, Cooler, Less Toxins, Less Soot

8oz. Mason Jars $7.50 each

12oz. Jelly Jars only $10.00 each

16oz. Mason Jars $12.50 each

Tarts $4.00 each

8oz. Burns up to 50 hours

Variety of Most Popular Fragrances Available

Spiced Cranberry, Orange Vanilla, Leather, Vanilla Velvet

Just to name a few (up to 100 different fragrances)

Plus Limited availability -Bottom of the Bucket and Clearance Candles

You ask - what is Bottom of the Bucket fragrance?

When you are pouring candles and don't have enough for a full candle... you pour it in a jar

and keep adding layers until the jar is full. You get a variety of scent and a bargain too

12oz. jars only $9.00 each!!

Availability limited at our location only

Online Purchase Ability Coming Soon

We will be having a sale at our location soon- Watch for announcement on our page!!

Fundraising Plans Available - Just Email for details